Inside the Day Designer

Let's take a closer look at The Day Designer. If you are someone who loves to plan out every aspect of your day, this planner may just be perfect for you! 


1. Sticker Sheets 


One of the best parts of the Day Designers is the two gold sticker sheets at the beginning inside the front pocket. These stickers are perfect to use for the monthly calendars and keep everything neutral but accented.

2. Monthly Tabs 

With the Day Designer being a larger planner, these tabs make it easier to navigate between months. The tabs are large and easy to read. 

3. Monthly Pages 

Before the daily pages, there is a full monthly calendar with small boxes for each day. This is a great place for bigger events throughout your day and the gold stickers from the beginning go perfect in this space. 


4. Daily Pages 

I know for me, this is my personal favorite part of the planner. I have a busy schedule and the daily pages give me plenty of space to plan out my entire day.

It includes times from 5:00 until 9:00. There is also a space for "TODAY'S TOP THREE" as well as a quad section including spots for things Due, Dinner, Dollars, and Don't Forget. This page also comes with a To-Do section, Notes, and Daily Gratitude. 




The Day Designer comes in a Mid-Year and a Calendar-Year.  If you're in love but want the calendar year, those will be in stock closer to the end of the year. Stay tuned.

If you're ready to SHOP the ones we have in stock, follow us HERE or click on the photo above.


June 08, 2020 — Katelyn Glover

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