10 Desk Items Every Girl Needs

Hello and welcome to our next Jenn & Co. blog post! We are excited that you are here.


Since our goal is to celebrate every day, we plan to bring you posts designed to help motivate and lend a more creative workflow. Even though all work is not fun, we can make it more enjoyable with beautiful supplies and essential items.


1. Notebook / Notepad

List making and note-taking is necessary. As much as we try to remember, writing information down is helpful in remembering tasks or online finds. And definitely for jotting down numbers, prices, etc. If the notebook can be taken with you to a meeting or a class then that gets bonus points. 

2. Your Favorite Pens + A Pen Cup

If you are like us, you love a good pen. And a favorite pen is different for everyone. Assorted pen types are helpful for different jobs, so whether making notes, scheduling appointments, sending a card….you’ll have the ideal pen. Ballpoints, gel pens, thin markers, and highlighters are some of our favorites. Plus a pen cup can be fun full multi-color pens or can be sleek with matching pens. Up to you! 

3. Stapler & Tape Dispenser

Coordinating sets are fun because they help tame some of the traditional desk chaos. We all know about the messy desk. It happens. Streamlining your overall look goes a long way.

4. Binder Clips / Paper Clips

Sometimes a staple is too permanent, so we like clips of different shapes and sizes. This is a great opportunity for a decorative trinket dish to corral the clips. The image shown is out of stock, but we will add some options soon.

5. Desk Calendar

A quick glance of a paper calendar is great for today and a long term visual. A necessary for planning and scheduling. A wall calendar works also if you have convenient wall space. Our remaining 2020s are on sale and the new 20-21s are arriving soon.

6. Lamp

Have fun with this one. Go old school with a task lamp to illuminate the task. Or go decorative to make it look like a room and not an office. This particular lamp is a Novogratz design and we like the two-tone and shape.

7. Scissors

You may not cut every day, but when you do you want good scissors.

8. Art, Plant or Photo

Something to express your personality does wonder for creativity.

9. Coaster (with a mug or cup)

Stay hydrated or celebrate with a cup of coffee or your drink of choice. And the coaster helps avoid those icky circles. These glass coasters are in store only at this time, text/call 334.268.8505.

10. Planner

Even though we are in a digital age, the trend is to go back to a paper planner. It’s part nostalgia but a lot of visual productivity.


So what would you add? And what would you like us to feature next? Thanks for stopping by!

NOTE: several items have gone out of stock since we prepared this post. we do apologize. new inventory arriving weekly.

June 01, 2020 — Jennifer Senn

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