No Tricks, Just Treats!

No Tricks, Just Treats!

Do you throw a Halloween Party? 

We rounded up some of our favorite things for Halloween that will make spirits bright. ...Oh wait, that's Christmas. But seriously, these will make our spirits bright for October 31.


First up, food inspo, because the food dictates the setup, the decor, the plates and more.


Since Halloween falls on a Saturday, you could even do a "not so scary" Halloween party that morning. If so, you must include these donuts we found on Kaylyn's page....complete with fake teeth and candy eyes. How perfect would they be served with hot coffee or ice cold milk?! Just add a protein and you're good to go.

halloween breakfast food





Have you jumped on the charcuterie board train? We certainly have! There are so many wonderful inspirations floating around Pinterest and here are two of our favorites.

halloween charcuterie sugar and charm


The white pumpkins and the skeleton hand make this so awesome! Speaking of these delightful boards...what's your must have item to include? Leave it for us in the comments.


Now for a candy version...we couldn't decide so we went halvsies...

halloween candy charcuterie board 


I mean, how can you say no to a pink halloween?! But then there's classic halloween orange. Decisions decisions. Candy for sure.


Up next... let's plate this cute food.

These are our favorites this year because as we have said before we like products that double duty. So if you have any plates leftover, you can use them for a birthday or girls night, etc. So we have the stripes or classic black.

pink halloween plates


(Jenn & Co.)


Not a party without balloons


Halloween balloon garland 

(Jenn & Co.)

Locals can get a balloon garland kit or ready-made in 5ft or 8ft. Out of town, we can send you a kit that you can create on your own. You'll just need an electric balloon pump.

We are loving this color combo called "Pink Halloween for Me" but we can get equally excited for:

  • Classic Halloween: orange, black and white
  • Wicked Witch: orange, black, purple and green
  • Hocus Pocus:  metallic mauve, black, gray and blush
  • Autumn Leaves: mustard, burnt orange and green



Must have music.

We were introduced to Kidz Bop by our friend Julie.  Most of you with kids probably already know about it, but what fun songs to play during the party or while they're trick or treating. Not a kid, there will be similar playlists easy to find.


So Happy Almost Oct 1. Let us hear how you will celebrate this season.


XO - Jennifer


PS- we realize this isn’t office supplies related but it’s part of celebrating everyday so we can’t get away from “some” party on the website. Hope you enjoy!

1 canoe 2 wall calendar

Art + Calendar = New Decor Each Month

Here at Jenn & Co. we are always looking for new, fun ways to help you functionally decorate your home and office. Here are a few options to help.

Fresh Starts 

There is nothing better than starting fresh, and a new year is coming. We know everyone is hoping for a better 2021. And calendars and planners are big part of that.


Wall Art

Simple prints of wall art are a unique way to add some color and motivation to a room. Wall art can be that finishing element that helps pull a space together and make it feel complete. It is that little extra touch that can take your space from simply looking functional to looking like it belongs in a magazine. And speaking of art...



XL Wall Calendar 

We love finding things that are stylish but can help you get organized at the same time. This is something unique you can add to your office or living room walls as a functional piece of decor. Seeing the month at a glance is always helpful because you can know what day it is and think about your tasks when the weeks get stressful! And by the way, these are designed and printed in the US and the wood hanger is handmade too.


1canoe2 xl wall calendar 2021

Each year is a different theme and each month is a different hand drawn image reflecting the theme. It is like getting a brand new piece of wall art 12 times a year. Some months have a seasonal image too.


Once you get the full set, you just get the refill after that. 


The Dayspring Wood Strip Calendar

The Dayspring calendar is a collab with Studio 71 and is like a mini version of the other calendar, so it fits in sever all spaces and also gives the fresh artwork each month.

We hope you find new ways to functionally decorate your home and office, while also making it look great. There is no better feeling than adding a few new additions to your favorite space. Check out our Instagram @shop.jennandco or follow us on Facebook. And tag us with your displays.



Note: image sources SocialSquares and Jenn & Co.

September 22, 2020
Fall, Fall, and MORE Fall

Fall, Fall, and MORE Fall

Everyone's favorite time of the year is approaching and Jenn & Co. has everything you need to spice up Fall this year. 

Troy Decorations

We have you covered on all things Troy for the upcoming football season. Everything from napkins and plates, to confetti and balloons to set up the perfect Troy tailgate or “homegate” this football season. Even though the season may be up in the air, you'll be prepared. And not from Troy? items work for ANY team.

Table Runners

Something new this Fall are our Hester & Cook table runners. These beautiful runners spice up any table by bringing a layering piece to your decorations. We have them in all different colors and styles, including the football field paper shown above, as well as stripes for birthdays and brown gingham perfect for Thanksgiving. 

Pumpkins Galore 

You can't decorate for Fall without pumpkins. This year we have two pumpkin styles that are a beauty for your decor. If you are looking for a more clastic fall look, our velvet pumpkins are the perfect pick for you! 


Another option, and a fun one if you ask me, are the flocked pumpkins. These are adorable vibrant pumpkins that will add color and texture to your fall decor. They come both small and large. 


I hope everyone is as excited for Fall as we are and we can’t wait to see all of the beautiful decorations. For more Fall inspiration, check out our Instagram @shop.jennandco or follow us on Facebook. And tag us with your displays.


September 14, 2020
Small Town + Big Heart

Small Town + Big Heart

Hello everyone and welcome back! It's the 4th week of the month and we are featuring a guest blog post from my friend Mallory Morgan. She is a creative that loves records / music, fun cheese boards and farm life with the family.


She and her sister have owned The Confetti Crate for 8 years and they are a big part of growing the downtown retail scene. And I have a special place in my heart for the store (and the sisters) because as you may know, that's where I call my home-front in downtown. So help me welcome Mallory.




Hi! I’m Mallory! My sister (Marley) and I own The Confetti Crate located in downtown Troy, AL.

When Jennifer joined our team 5 years ago I knew we had gained a buyer with excellent taste! From paper goods, to all things party... it was just the right mix of items to compliment what TCC didn’t already have. It was also a gained friendship, SCORE!


Jennifer (left) and Mallory (right)



Let’s rewind to 5 years ago. Jennifer started with one small wall of cards and prints and a hand full of planners. Might I add, it was a pallet wall dropped down hanging from chunky rope to be exact! 🤪 I’d say, we’ve made many improvements (and a whole lot of growth) over the years that we can pat ourselves on the back for. Whew, what a ride it has been. Marley, Jennifer and I have worked together over the years and probably my favorite part of having Jennifer on board with us at The Confetti Crate (not counting her awesome buying skills for Jenn & Co. - that’s a no brainer) has to be her eagerness to help around the store, her teamwork attitude, and the genuine and mutual love we have for throwing a good party. And when I say good party, I mean GOOD. I’m a sucker for fun paper plates and cocktails napkins and I keep them on hand at all times-it’s just a rule of mine. That’s a good rule, right?



Party Goods and Charcuterie Items at The Confetti Crate



While we’re on the subject of a few of my favorite things that can be found in my home at all times-the wrap sheets. I’m a lover of fun prints and changing home decor (way more than my husband wishes I would) but who can complain about investing in a few good frames and changing them out ALL. THE. TIME. simply using a wrap sheet for $4. Hello, new artwork whenever you want! It’s a lot like that rap song “whatever you like” by TI. You can have whatever you like.... kidding, sort of. I’m more of an old soul when it comes to music and listen to a lot of jams from the 70’s. You know, the really good stuff!



the Wrap Wall in store

Thanks to Jenn & Co. for having me on the blog today and for being an everyday part of The Confetti Crate. If you are ever in Troy I would love to personally invite you to come see us! We have a store full of FUN that we would hate for you to miss out on seeing! Can’t get to Troy? Don’t panic! Be sure to follow our social media pages because you’re in luck-We Ship!     - Mallory Morgan




Thanks, Mallory! And yes give them a follow @theconfetticrate and if you're not already following us, find us @shop.jennandco.


I can't believe it's been 5 YEARS of working together. We love our small town and the big heart everyone in town shares. So if you're in Troy stop by 201 E Walnut Street. We are open weekdays 10-6 and Saturdays 10-4.


PS - I'm still looking for the picture of that first space inside The Confetti Crate that she mentioned...the pallet wall. Fun memories. 



Family Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart

I created a fun CHORE CHART for your family to use. It's a Free Download here on the blog. 


There is room for multiple family members...the specific chore...and a check-off spot for each day of the week. You can even use this in a business setting or for roommates in a shared living space. Sharing responsibilities helps keep a house in order and no one person with all of the burden.





If you download it, please snap a pic and share with us by tagging @shop.jennandco or using #shopjennandco.


If you print it in color, a black ink pen would be perfect. If you print in black and white, you could use our bright writer colored ink pens with a different color per family member or different color per chore. Find the bright writers HERE.

 family chore chart


Some things to remember when getting kids involved:

  1.  Keep the chore age-appropriate
  2.  Set realistic goals
  3.  Keep it simple
  4.  Incorporate fun 
  5.  Be a role model

And after some practice, it will "hopefully" become second nature where they learn to help and no chart needed.  Happy tidying...we will be doing the same!



On another note, have you seen our stickers designed in house by me? You can find those here and decorate whatever needs some fun additions...Holla for Jenn & Co.


- Madison

August 17, 2020


We have a new quiz designed to help you find your perfect planner. Do you like taking easy quizzes? 



I (Jennifer) tend to be an indecisive individual, and I like to weigh my options. I have made pros/cons lists for so many things in my life. And a quiz basically does the same thing.

Make Better Quality Decisions with a Spreadsheet - see there's proof!


Speaking of weighing my options, I have a funny memory of when I chose my first dog. I made a spreadsheet of five different dogs and looked to see where each was on temperament, health, grooming and hypo-allergenic. I ended up getting a toy poodle and didn't regret it one bit. (If I could have only found that spreadsheet, ha).


Sophie, on the left, was my first dog and she was such a doll that we got another toy poodle, Niko (on the right) six years later. 


The spreadsheet sounds silly for small things but I truly liked all of the breeds and wanted the right fit for me. After all, she was going to be my companion for 14+ years.



At Jenn & Co....we have noticed people struggling to find the perfect planner. We started bringing in several styles because we all gravitate toward a different style. And we wanted you to be able to find your perfect planner.  


The quiz will evolve over time...

  • It will live on the website
  • As planners sell out, they will no longer be on the quiz
  • As we get new styles, they will be added to the quiz
  • So that keeps it fresh and fun for you to try again


Plus did I mention it's quick and simple?! My favorite kind of quiz.


So, the big question today is....Wanna TAKE THE QUIZ?  Click that option or the picture below.




Wonder which is your style??? 

The Day Designer






Weekly Deskpads



So here's to helping you find your perfect planner to tackle your to-do list.

Have a great week. XO - Jennifer and the Jenn & Co. Team

August 10, 2020
College Packing List

College Packing List

About time to pack up all the things to head to college. We have compiled a packing list so you can check off the three big areas of: Bedroom, Bathroom and Classroom.

The list is not exhaustive but pretty well sums up the spaces you will use often.





If you use it, snap a pic and tag us @shop.jennandco and #shopjennandco. Hope it works well for you. And we wish you a great school year.



Want to take the prep a littler farther, here is a Move-In Day Guide from our local Troy University.



And we will leave you with some Move-In Day Tips from "Raising Teens Today" blog....good reminder, there will be tears. 



If you have some beautiful before and after dorm transformations, please share those with us too. Especially if you use some Jenn & Co items to tidy the study zones.


XO and All the Best - the Jenn & Co. Team


PS- check out our Pinterest Board - Headed to College for more helpful tips.

Notes and Credits -  photo credits for the other images belong to @troyuniversity, Mount Allison University and Raising Teens Today blog.

And Madison our graphic designer created the fun packing list. 

July 31, 2020
Created to Create

Created to Create

For this week’s blog, we are excited to welcome our guest blogger... a sweet and talented friend Abby Lee. She has photographed our team for a few years and we are excited to see what she talks about. She loves the Bible verse Romans 12:6, "We all have different gifts, each of which came because the grace God gave us." Help us welcome Abby....


Jenn + Abby working together, 2017



"Hello all! My name is Abby and I am so excited to share with you why I support this lovely small business and to tell you about some of my favorite things Jenn & Co. has to offer!

I currently have a small business myself, Abby Lee Photography, and I have worked with Mrs. Jennifer and her awesome team for about 3 years now. The first time she reached out to me was back in the fall of 2017. I was just starting to dive in to photography so when a local business in Troy wanted me to take some photos for them I was honored! Since then, we have worked together through the years creating fun content for the social media and website. (I do a happy dance each time she contacts me about photos). Besides all of the awesome products they have... their constant support, encouragement, and love is what makes this business so special and why I continue to support them!


a sampling of @abbyleephotog


Three products they have that I can’t live without are their cards, creative balloons and notepads! When a special occasion comes up, I am headed to the Jenn. & Co section at The Confetti Crate to buy the perfect card. Each one is uniquely designed and they make gift giving that much more fun!


Planning a party and need balloons? Jenn. & Co. has the best selection! They can inflate the balloons while you are shopping. I am obsessed with disco balls and they recently got in disco ball balloons and I can’t wait to purchase some!

stocked at The Confetti Crate 334.268.8505


I love a good to-do-list so each week I am always using a Jenn & Co. notepad. My current favorite is the Rainbow Jumbo Deskpad so make sure to get one today!



Thank you so much for reading and make sure to grab some of their goodies before school starts back! :)       -Abby Lee"




If you've gotten one of the Jenn & Co. postcards, chances are Abby took the photo



Abby loves photographing people and fashion most of all


Thanks so much, Abby! We enjoyed having you here and remembering fun times with you and your business. Give Abby a follow @AbbyLeePhotog.

XO- Jenn


Credit for Abby's pretty pic goes to another fab photographer Amy Headington.

July 27, 2020
Back to School Sale

Back to School Sale

Its SALE time!

As the new school year gets closer and closer, we want to share this amazing back to school sale with you. This one is extra special because it is the last site-wide sale before Black Friday! Everything will be 20% off for a limited time- in store and online (code automatically applied at checkout). 
Everyone should always start the school year with fresh supplies that help you stay organized and boost your potential-
Jenn & Co. is here to help!
Back to School Sale

Featured Items 

Sozy Pencils / Highlighters

Sozy Pencils

These are the perfect back to school item. They are practical and cute! One side is a pencil, and the other is a highlighter. They will save room in your pencil pouch and add pretty pastel colors to your notes.
Junk Drawer Notebook

Junk Drawer Notebook 

This notebook is great for jotting down anything that your mind is thinking. We think this is a great back to school item because it has 160 blank lined pages and the cover is the perfect representation of everyone's junk drawer!
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

We want you to grab everything you'll need for this upcoming year, you deserve to treat yourself in these crazy times. We may not know what this school year will look like, but having things such as a nice planner, colorful pens, cute notebooks, and a good pencil pouch help us to stay motivated and organized when things get stressful.
This sale will run 7/20-7/26 online (thru 7/25 in store).
July 20, 2020
College Dorm Must Haves

College Dorm Must Haves

With a new school year approaching, a lot of you are preparing to move in to your dorms or apartments (or planning to send a child off to a university). It's been a few years since I was in college, but some things have stayed the same...small rooms, little-to-no-storage, hand-me-down bed and community showers. Here are some items I think you'll want in transitioning into your first year of school. 

1. Mattress Topper 

A mattress topper is a MUST. Dorm beds aren't typically known as the most comfortable beds, but a mattress pad keeps the germs away or a mattress topper makes it more comfortable. This is a down-alternative that looks pretty snazzy.



2. Charging Hub 

Back in the day, I had a couple surge protectors. But these hubs from Native Union are something we have stocked for years and really love their speed and their aesthetic. A few different styles in stock now



3. A Desk Cubby 

Find someone to make a custom desk cubby or buy a similar option from one of the big box stores. It gives you more space for desk storage and ways to incorporate decor. Seriously this will help transform your room....and filling with lots of fun paper items from Jenn & Co. :-)



4. Planner 

Another essential for school is a planner. No matter how simple or detailed. Get one that works for you. Writing things down will help you visualize what needs to be done and has been proven to help your memory. Your college years will be full of busy schedules and a planner is a great way to stay on track. We have a large selection of daily and weekly and even undated planners. 


5. Laundry Hamper

In most dorms, your laundry room will either be down the hall or possibly another floor. Having a laundry hamper will make it easy walking to and from the laundry room and keeping your room clean and organized. We love the look of this one.



And this is just a start....we hope you find this to be helpful. Take the search a little deeper with our Pinterest Board - Headed to College. 


And don't forget to grab some of your school supplies here too. This daisy print shown above can be found here. We are happy to help with custom requests. Have another must have? Share it in the comments.


XO Jennifer