Come on Barbie Lets Go Party

Come on Barbie Lets Go Party

Looking for party Inspo.... check out this fun Barbie Party


We loved working with Cortnee to make this birthday party theme come to life. Even the adults got to jump in for some fun. We can't wait for you to see all the details of this fabulous party. Keep reading....

We were so excited to bring these "Check it! Pink Plates" to the shop. They went
along perfectly with this Barbie theme. In fact, they go with so many different themes to add some flair.

This food table showcases a lot of our party items. Also featured our Palm Leaves Plates, Pink Stripes Table Runner, Cake Stand, Pink Stripe Napkins, and the cutest extra tall candles. And there's a sneak peek of the new felt birthday garland.


These candles are literally 15" tall.
And the cake is a yummy creation from @mblakescakes
These cookies need a moment of their own!

This giant pool float from FunBoy x Barbie was the piece that pulled it all together. Great find, Cortnee.

Fun fact...We also offer pool balloon clusters to add some extra fun to any pool party. They move with the wind and the current of the water. Dots of fun!

We also have some exciting news. Thanks to our friend Wendy @needmoreheart, we now have our very own Barbie Frame that is available for rent. How exciting is that!? If you're local to our area, you can reserve it for your party. More details HERE.

Let's plan your party....

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XO, McKenzie and Jennifer
August 30, 2022
Gem of a School Year

Gem of a School Year

The Gem Collection from Packed Party brings loads of fun!
August 30, 2022
Summer Tables: Make it a Combo

Summer Tables: Make it a Combo

It's officially summer and our newest collection features red, white and blue and pool parties too.


With us not being at the store front all the time, it can be challenging to let people know our favorite table and party combinations. In fact a lot of people message us asking what plate goes with this placemats or what napkin would you pair with this runner?


So.... we put together some of our favorite combinations that you could easily re-create at home. And you can find this same list in store on our summer table.







We didn't photograph all of the ideas listed, but we have seen them all together and you can't go wrong any direction you choose. Which is your favorite? 

Also check our Summer Highlight over on instagram for more images.

Happy Summer and Happy 4th of July.


XO Jennifer and McKenzie

June 23, 2022
Announcing Arrival of Erin Condren Planners

Announcing Arrival of Erin Condren Planners

A stylish and great organizing tool (plus accessories) that for the first time is available to retailers like us. That's BIG NEWS! The Erin Condren line is a widely recognized brand and we are happy to have them at Jenn & Co.

They are starting out with a limited collection but it's some great items! 


Mckenzie sharing a variety of the items


sample of the gel pens


The line includes Life Planners (their most popular format), Teacher Planners (coming soon) and Academic Planners (coming soon)! Also a weekly notepad great for list makers.

You know we got the gel pens, felt pens, markers, and highlighters! Plus pencil pouches AKA Planny Packs in a variety of prints. They fit over the cover or over the entire planner.



 Jenn sharing the planny pack and a weekly notepad


A closer look at the planny packs


Shop our EC Collection Here.

Let us know your favorite items that you have tried before or that you try from us.

XO - Jennifer

June 23, 2022
Balloon Quote Form

Balloon Quote Form

Complete our convenient online form to get a custom quote for your party supplies or balloon decor. The link lives on the footer of our homepage, in our Instagram bio and here on the blog.


You'll also see it referred to as our


The form doesn't obligate you to make a purchase but it keeps all of your info in one spot, so we can communicate most effectively. In other words, it is our formal request for information, quotes, schedule availability, etc.


It may be used for BALLOONS or PARTY SUPPLIES. 

Thanks for stopping by! Follow along on social media for updates and to see our latest work. @shop.jennandco

 XO - Jenn & Co.

March 23, 2022
Valentines Occasion Bin

Valentines Occasion Bin

Valentines Day is coming up and we have the perfect way to celebrate. Ever since we came across the OCCASION BIN, we were smitten.

A great way to gather your seasonal favorites and make memories.
Put it in the kitchen to remind you to celebrate all month long.
Start with an empty basket or bin as we did and add a fun assortment of plates, napkins, garlands, stickers, etc. Our basket is full of all our favorite Valentines Day products that are in store and/or online!

Pink Heart Cups

These adorable cups make for the perfect V-Day cup. They come in a pack of 12, and are surrounded with colorful hearts. Match them with any of our Valentines Day products and they will look great! We have the assorted heart cups in store.

Valentine Heart and Circle Banner

This banner set is so much fun and is a lot of banner for the price. You can use them together or separately. The pieces are approximately 4 inches each; the garlands are about 7 feet long.

Be Mine Party Pennant

This party pennant which also comes in a 'XOXO' version will be the best addition to any Valentines gift or party! It is decorated with a lovely assortment of ribbons. They look great in vases, in photo props and could even be used as a cake topper! 

Glitter Heart Stickers

These adorable Meri Meri stickers are a hit each season. Two versions available, one multi version in store. Seal your V-Day letter or sign it off with a glitter heart! 

XOXO Table Runner  

A paper table runner adds to the party perfectly! This XOXO runner is your classic Valentines day red with cream XO's on it. It runs about 120" and is 16" wide. So cute!!


The great thing about the Occasion bin is that it can be for really anything! They don't have to be limited to one holiday or even one occasion. It can be a happy bin for you or a party bin for your special holiday party! 

Check out our Valentine's Collection for more options of what to fill your occasion bin with or just for your basic party needs! 





And one more bin we created....

February 03, 2022
Make Your Own Snow

Make Your Own Snow

We don't see snow that often, living in a warmer climate like Alabama. This year we are excited to carry a snow kit from Inklings Paperie.

Available as a greeting card or an entire bag of goodness. 


Here are the directions to create your own "snow show".


How To Make Snow:

1.    Pour 1 tsp DRY SNOW into a measuring cup or bowl.
2.    Add ⅓ CUP OF WATER, and watch it grow! No mixing is required.
3.    To form a snowball, add a bit more water until snow begins to form clumps when squeezed. Once ball shape has formed, gently place in a bowl and freeze to retain shape.



TIP: To re-use, spread it out on a plastic surface to dry. Within 48 hours, water will evaporate and your snow will return to its original state so you can enjoy it again and again!


TIP: To discard, granules can be added to soil in flower pots to help maintain moisture, or discard with trash (do not pour down sink!)

Inklings uses non-toxic, USA-made polymer in the snow. They hand-blend it with glitter which makes for a magical addition. Snow can be used on all surfaces and will not stain, however for easier clean-up you may want to use it on a tablecloth or piece of fabric. Mist with water to refresh.

How To Make Snow Slime:

• 1/2 cup of white glue
• 1 pump of lotion
• 1 tsp of Borax dissolved in 1 cup of water
• 1 tsp snow

Slowly add activator to glue/lotion mix until slime comes together and is no longer sticky. Once slime is fully activated, add 1tsp of dry snow. Mix until fully incorporated, and add more activator as needed if slime still feels sticky.


The pictures below are from our own Snow Experience....

We divided the pack in half and added 2 cups cold water per bowl. Mixing with hands in sufficient if you can take the cold. 

it felt like real snow; the best day ever!


so cold this would be a fun in the spring or summer too


Our snow balls were rock solid, so they were able to be thrown multiple times. Rinsed off and spread out on plastic to dry out.

Shop the snow here

Hope you enjoy the snow! ~ Jennifer



November 29, 2021
Trends VS Classics - New Paper Arrivals

Trends VS Classics - New Paper Arrivals

We love a mix of classics and trends. Not just when it comes to paper,  but also fashion and decor. Check out these new paper arrivals.

You are sure to find a new notepad or planner for yourself, not to mention gift ideas. Speaking of gift ideas, we are somehow just over 60 days till Christmas and even less than that to the full holiday season. These will be great finds for the paper lovers in your life.

We were thrilled with this find and happy to bring it to our customers. It comes with lined notebook pages but can be refilled with notebook or planner pages.


Arches Market List

Arches Thank You Cards

Arches 2022 Planner 


Potted Fig Notepad

Rattan Notepad

Greenwood 2022 Planner

Greenwood Market List

Cream Check Notebook

Brown Check Notebook

Hope you are enjoying the Fall Season. And if you are ready to kick start your shopping, you know where to find us.
XO - Jennifer
October 21, 2021
Party PARTY Party

Party PARTY Party

(Most) everyone loves a party, and we love our party supplies! Ranging from plates, napkins, cups, runners, and balloons; we have some fun options. We wanted to show you a few of our favorite party set ups we have done recently and to give you a little inspiration for your next celebration! 


This is the perfect boy party set up for a Cars party or a “Two Fast” or even “Mario Cart.” Even fun for that hot rod Dad.

Each pack contains eight plates in five different colors and 8 different numbers  - plus the silver foil detail will brighten up any race car themed party! You can also spiff it up by adding some checkered flag accents or balloons! This is just one of our many fun themed plates that go along perfect with any celebration! 



This happy daisy set up could be used for many different parties. It would be perfect for a sweet and bright birthday celebration! The pack of daisy plates come with twelves plates in six different colors. We layered them with the Happy Dots plate to add a pop of color that flowed perfectly with our candy dish that Charlie found. Yes, you go Charlie! We think the Pink Striped runner goes so well with this, but the sorbet runner would be nice too!


Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, even candy boards. So in addition to cake or cupcakes consider making your own candy assortment. We chose bright candy to match the themes. And did you notice the paper runners are great for charcuterie layered right on top or underneath a wooden board to protect the table?!?!



We also wanted to feature some seasonal table set ups! This one is a favorite of Jenn, Katelyn and Mckenzie. In fact, it sold out the first week! This absolutely adorable Halloween table has tons of fun details on it. This Pastel Halloween plate brings a pop of pink to your spooky celebration! Pair it with a matching napkin and layer with different charger plates to make your table stand out. Add some tricky treats and your favorite Halloween decorations to complete this look! 


Our Ombre Pumpkin plate set is a "must have" plate for either Halloween or Thanksgiving. For this party set up we used them for a Thanksgiving themed celebration. Paired with the Hester + Cook Turkey placemats and accented with the Pastel Pumpkin napkins. This is a fun yet classy take on Thanksgiving and Fall that we are absolutely loving! You can find most all of these items right here at Jenn & Co.


Shop our plates and other party supplies HERE.









Thanks for reading today. Let us know you were here.


XO Katelyn and McKenzie for Jenn & Co.


PS - if you need more quantity or have a special order request let us know.

Balloons, Safety and the Great Outdoors

Balloons, Safety and the Great Outdoors

Planning balloon decor outside? Balloons are, by nature, temporary items. Although Jenn & Co. uses only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected and will also be adversely affected by the wind, rain, rough handling, heat, sunlight, and other uncontrollable factors. Here are some tips in planning your event and balloon decor.