Red, White, and Blue Favorites
Many people's favorite holiday is the 4th of July - and its approaching quickly. We want to help you be festive in the best way possible whether that is quarantined inside with your family or outside with some friends. Here at Jenn & Co, we've put together a few of our 4th of July must haves

...and we think you need all the red, white, and blue to celebrate.



1) Patriotic Foam Cups 

These "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" hand-lettered cups are so fun! Add some color to the table and excitement to your drink.  

2) Stars & Stripes Reusable Straws

How can you not be obsessed with these? These straws are a mix Stars and Stripes (6 each) and are a fun way to celebrate. Pair these with the foam cups and drink in style. Did we mention they're reusable?

3) Red Plates / Napkins

These are must-haves for your celebratory picnic, family BBQ, or friendly get together. Eat and enjoy other's company with your favorite red gingham print or "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" red napkins!

4) Garland 

Garnish your patriotic table with red & white wood or felt garland. These small details will add so much color and festivity to your celebration, and it couldn't be any easier. We can even customize a balloon garland for you to assemble or to pick up.


 5) Baking Cups 

These Stars and Stripes paper baking cups are not a want, but a need. They are great for fruit, cupcakes, cobblers, side dishes, and basically anything you can fit inside.They are standard size  (2 1/8" H x 2 3/8" Base) and you can bake or freeze right in the cup. These are a favorite for sure!


Let us build you a bundle of party goods to take your celebration to the next level. We have one bundle ready with an assortment...find it HERE! Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate you!

June 15, 2020 — Madison Hollabaugh

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