Family Chore Chart

I created a fun CHORE CHART for your family to use. It's a Free Download here on the blog. 


There is room for multiple family members...the specific chore...and a check-off spot for each day of the week. You can even use this in a business setting or for roommates in a shared living space. Sharing responsibilities helps keep a house in order and no one person with all of the burden.





If you download it, please snap a pic and share with us by tagging @shop.jennandco or using #shopjennandco.


If you print it in color, a black ink pen would be perfect. If you print in black and white, you could use our bright writer colored ink pens with a different color per family member or different color per chore. Find the bright writers HERE.

 family chore chart


Some things to remember when getting kids involved:

  1.  Keep the chore age-appropriate
  2.  Set realistic goals
  3.  Keep it simple
  4.  Incorporate fun 
  5.  Be a role model

And after some practice, it will "hopefully" become second nature where they learn to help and no chart needed.  Happy tidying...we will be doing the same!



On another note, have you seen our stickers designed in house by me? You can find those here and decorate whatever needs some fun additions...Holla for Jenn & Co.


- Madison

August 17, 2020 — Madison Hollabaugh

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