Balloon Pumps & Other Accessories

We stock electric (air) balloon pumps and manual hand pumps. You can find them HERE! I recommend you have both if you are assembling your own kit. These will not float balloons since it's not helium. But you only need air for organic balloon garlands / arches. 

If we run out of stock, you can use our Affiliate link with Amazon. Here are some shop-able links below.



Electric Balloon Pumps 

balloon pump










Pink, or

Light Pink,





Balloon Buddy, 

Hand Pumps







Note: if you look in the URL, you should see "jennandco" to confirm that you are using our affiliate link. Also, if you notice that these are out of stock, let us know and we can send you a new link.

Sample here...


DISCLOSURE #ad - as an Amazon affiliate, we do get a small percentage of each sale purchased thru these links.

June 02, 2021 — Jennifer Senn

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