Two Wild Birthday

A few weekends ago we had the opportunity to help celebrate sweet Nora's second birthday. It was a WILD time and we had so much fun helping Kady set the scene for the Party Animals.

Kady is a friend, a local shop owner (@shoppineandpoppy), and an avid party thrower. She had chosen the Spotty Dot plates from Meri Meri and wanted to bring those colors into the balloons and other decorations. Let's take a tour....





For the balloons, it was such a happy combo of colors. The goal was to have a photo-booth area setup for guests to capture the day. We took the balloons across the top of the backdrop, tall enough for adults to stand underneath and filled the side with extra depth so it was fun from multiple angles. Plus the number balloon and the animals (which were decorated too) filled in the area just great. 



the birthday girl + her mama


This party was originally planned for last March when Nora turned one. With COVID-19 lockdown just being implemented, the celebration sadly had to be cancelled. Now a year later, Kady was ready to make this party happen.

"If you know me, you know I love a party. I love going to a party and I love planning my own party…especially a birthday party! It's something I truly enjoy. It doesn’t stress me out, it gives me joy and something to look forward to! I love it.

This Pajama’s & Party Animals birthday theme was long awaited. Last year, when my little girl, Nora turned 1 I had planned out every detail of her party. Ordered all the Shop Jenn & Co. things, painted party animals, ordered cookies and cakes, coordinated dates and times, sent out invites. ALL THE THINGS! Then, COVID! Literally the week of her birthday EVERYTHING got cancelled. So, I carefully put everything in storage and I not so patiently waited for her 2nd (1st Birthday party) to roll around. Twenty twenty one finally came and as March was approaching I started pulling out all the party animal stuff. I was quickly reminded why I chose this theme in the first place ….. it was perfectly fitting for our little Party Animal, Nora! She is wild, rambunctious and into everything. She is fun, she is funny and she is happy! When I think of Party Animals I think of all of those things that make Nora, Nora. I wanted the party to be wild and rambunctious, fun and bright and HAPPY with a lot going on….just like our girl! It was hands down my favorite party theme yet. Looking back at the pictures from the day (thanks, Katelyn!!), it was just as I envisioned…a bunch of rambunctious PARTY ANIMALS running wild while wearing PJ’s and a big smile!"

- Kady Pugh 





Kady did not miss a detail. Can we agree how perfect each one is?! In fact, Madison (part of the Jenn & Co. team) created the original invitation, favor tags and labels to coordinate with the plates, cake toppers and centerpieces. 









Details to incorporate (linked to our current selections):

  1. Fun Plates and Napkins
  2. Drinkware
  3. Confetti
  4. Table runners or table clothes 
  5. Balloons
  6. Favors
  7. Layers of anything (boxes, cake stands, trays, etc)
  8. Photography
  9. Cake, cookies, cupcakes or any mix
  10. Party Animals 




Kady wanted jumbo balloons on the tables and Jenn had been wanting to use jumbo balloons with the small clusters at the base. That turned out to be a good option for more color.

As Kady mentioned, I (Katelyn) took some pictures of the party and all the party animals. There were so many fun things to capture and I had the best time getting all the details Kady incorporated into the party!                



No lockdown, meant grandparents, cousins and friends. And it was all very special for Nora (and Kady).

Wasn't that The.Most.Fun?!

We are here to help you celebrate your occasions too. What theme are you planning?

XO - Katelyn

Photographs courtesy of both Kady and Katelyn
April 07, 2021 — Katelyn Glover

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