Balloons, Safety and the Great Outdoors

Balloons are, by nature, temporary items. Although Jenn & Co. uses only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected and will also be adversely affected by the wind, rain, rough handling, heat, sunlight, and other uncontrollable factors. Here are some tips in planning your event and balloon decor.



Warm Weather Events

Balloons will expand in heat. Whether that's indoors or outdoors, if the space will be above 80 degrees follow these precautions:

    • Keep balloons out of direct sunlight 
    • Shaded areas are best
    • Don't put the balloons outside more than 3 hours
    • Avoid dark balloons (black, navy, dark green, dark blue) because they absorb heat faster
    • Beware, balloons will pop if they get too hot
    • Balloons oxidize, getting a velvety or matte finish
    • Once we leave the site, we don't return to replace popped or shrunken balloons 


Also, keep in mind if you are using one of our kits,  we suggest to over-inflate and then release some air until the balloon is slightly under-inflated. That way, the latex is stretched a little and not as brittle and it can "breathe" or expand easier.

When balloons get wet (rain, dew, water hose, etc), they stick together and as they dry in the heat they may start popping. It could be one or it could be a domino effect.  




How Long Will Your Decor Last?

Every balloon has a mind of its own. And again, it's dependent on the weather and such factors. If you have a garland, it is filled with air so its life span can be a day or a few weeks. If you can reuse it, by all means, please do! It thrills us when we hear from clients who enjoyed their garland for weeks or used it for multiple events. The balloon garlands inside the store sometimes last months; a balloon may shrink here or there. However, outdoor garlands will be best one day...we can't guarantee multiple usage.


Helium balloons are classic and fun, yet with outdoor conditions they are more likely to get tangled up and the same notes as above -dark colors heat up faster -heat causes them to expand and possibly pop. 


Cool Weather Events

During cooler months, outdoor balloon decor can last up to 3 days. Again the balloons will turn more matte finish as they brave the outdoors, but this is a beautiful look of its own. They don't mind cold weather like they do hot weather. They just need to be anchored down to combat wind gusts.



Sustainability and Safety 


The balloon manufacturers we purchase through, aim to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Read more about the process in the graphic above.




Did your balloon decor consist of FOIL BALLOONS? If so, you can re-inflate them another time if they are in good condition with no pinholes. Or if yours are damaged or see no future use, you can make confetti or tinsel for your Christmas tree, donate to an art class, use as packing material, etc.






Hope this has been helpful! We love outdoor events too. After knowing these facts, we can better work together to plan your event decor. Look forward to working with you. Hire us here.


Thanks, Jennifer and the Jenn & Co. Team

June 04, 2021 — Jennifer Senn

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