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Hello Jenn & Co friends! For those who have followed Jennifer and her company for a while, you might remember me, but for those who have recently joined them, I'm Dani B. - former employee, lifelong supporter and friend. 
Jenn asked me if I'd be interested in guest blogging for the week, and I couldn't pass on the opportunity to talk about my FAVORITE Jenn&Co product and literal lifesaver- My PLANNER!
If you haven't checked out @shop.jennandco on instagram lately, you definitely should go look at all the new planner releases for 2020-2021 on the highlight reel. There's a detailed breakdown of every planner released so far, and they're releasing more and more each week! Seriously, Jenn and her team outdid themselves this year on the planner picks! Today, I am SO excited to introduce to you the new 1Canoe2 2020-2021 Academic Planners!!
Enneagram Ashton

Some of you may be familiar with the Enneagram Personality Type. For those who are, I'm a 3- the Achiever. One of my favorite things about being an Achiever is that I LOVE to plan. I also love to track things and make to-do lists. Obviously, some serious work and effort goes in to finding myself a planner, and I have tried every brand under the sun to find the perfect planner for me. This will be my 3rd year using the 1Canoe2 planner, so you can probably tell I'm pretty sold on this one. Let me tell you a few reasons why-

First, THE BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK. I'm always a big fan of hand-painted artwork and anything with hand lettering. This has both. Their choice of colors along with the gold accents and monthly hand-lettered motivational quotes makes this a planner you can transition into every season with confidence. I love a good planner I can carry around like an accent piece to complete my look. Plus, I feel like I'm more put-together with a pretty planner. 1Canoe2 also does a great job at creating cohesive colors that pair well together when mix-matching patterns. I love using their pencil pouches and other pens and pencils because they all pair so well together even though they weren't necessarily bought to pair together. Here's a bonus- the quality of this beautiful planner is sky-high. I actually wanted to cry throwing away my last 2 planners at the end of the year because they were still in such great condition even with every page full.
Their pencil pouches even come with an attachable planner strap.

Next, this is the most uniquely designed planner you will find. For those of you who like bullet journalling, this ones made for you! I'll be completely honest, I wasn't sold on the idea of bullet journalling when I was first introduced to it 3 years ago, but now I'm absolutely obsessed- you get all the comforts of free-style writing while having an ever-so-subtle dotted line to keep your words straight (and all God's OCD people said AMEN!) It also comes with a removable ruler at the front of the planner that has helped me so much to keep a straight edge. The best part about a bullet journal type planner is type planner is you can always make your planner appear to seem full, even when you don't have a forever-long list of things to do. I also absolutely adore the unique block-style weekly layout. I used to be a hard-core daily planner gal, but it was always SO frustrating to try to plan my week having to flip through 7 days of papers. This planner being slightly larger than the basic notebook gives you plenty of space to make a to-do list while still seeing your entire week ahead.
Now I want to talk a little about some really unique extras this planner has to offer. First, the beginning of this planner has some super fun ways to set goals, track celebrations, quickly find holidays, and even has a place for a bucket list and some go-to meals (yes, I even use this as my meal planner!) It also has a monthly view at the beginning of each month with a small area for notes that I love using as my payment tracker for bills. I also HIGHLY recommend some multi-colored pens that help keep things in an orderly fashion throughout the year (my favorites are LePens and the Ooly Colored Ballpoint Pens.) If I had to pick one "favorite" thing in this planner, it would be the "notes" section that closes out each month. I use this section to create my "habit tracker" which has become SO FUN and gets me into new habits each month. Since there's multiple dot journal pages, you can track finances, savings, all sorts of things! Your possibilities are endless.

I usually add 10 monthly habits I want to keep track of on the page- remember it only takes you 21 days to make something a habit!
If you're an Achiever out there looking for the perfect planner that won't break the bank, I definitely recommend trying out the 1Canoe2 brand of planners. Jenn&Co has several styles and designs from this brand for a variety of people and preferences! If you do try it out, I hope you love it as much as I do!


Dani B.
June 22, 2020 — Danielle Bentley

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