Summer Tables: Make it a Combo

It's officially summer and our newest collection features red, white and blue and pool parties too.


With us not being at the store front all the time, it can be challenging to let people know our favorite table and party combinations. In fact a lot of people message us asking what plate goes with this placemats or what napkin would you pair with this runner?


So.... we put together some of our favorite combinations that you could easily re-create at home. And you can find this same list in store on our summer table.







We didn't photograph all of the ideas listed, but we have seen them all together and you can't go wrong any direction you choose. Which is your favorite? 

Also check our Summer Highlight over on instagram for more images.

Happy Summer and Happy 4th of July.


XO Jennifer and McKenzie

June 23, 2022 — Jennifer Senn

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