Announcing Arrival of Erin Condren Planners

A stylish and great organizing tool (plus accessories) that for the first time is available to retailers like us. That's BIG NEWS! The Erin Condren line is a widely recognized brand and we are happy to have them at Jenn & Co.

They are starting out with a limited collection but it's some great items! 


Mckenzie sharing a variety of the items


sample of the gel pens


The line includes Life Planners (their most popular format), Teacher Planners (coming soon) and Academic Planners (coming soon)! Also a weekly notepad great for list makers.

You know we got the gel pens, felt pens, markers, and highlighters! Plus pencil pouches AKA Planny Packs in a variety of prints. They fit over the cover or over the entire planner.



 Jenn sharing the planny pack and a weekly notepad


A closer look at the planny packs


Shop our EC Collection Here.

Let us know your favorite items that you have tried before or that you try from us.

XO - Jennifer

June 23, 2022 — Jennifer Senn

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