Valentines Occasion Bin

Valentines Day is coming up and we have the perfect way to celebrate. Ever since we came across the OCCASION BIN, we were smitten.

A great way to gather your seasonal favorites and make memories.
Put it in the kitchen to remind you to celebrate all month long.
Start with an empty basket or bin as we did and add a fun assortment of plates, napkins, garlands, stickers, etc. Our basket is full of all our favorite Valentines Day products that are in store and/or online!

Pink Heart Cups

These adorable cups make for the perfect V-Day cup. They come in a pack of 12, and are surrounded with colorful hearts. Match them with any of our Valentines Day products and they will look great! We have the assorted heart cups in store.

Valentine Heart and Circle Banner

This banner set is so much fun and is a lot of banner for the price. You can use them together or separately. The pieces are approximately 4 inches each; the garlands are about 7 feet long.

Be Mine Party Pennant

This party pennant which also comes in a 'XOXO' version will be the best addition to any Valentines gift or party! It is decorated with a lovely assortment of ribbons. They look great in vases, in photo props and could even be used as a cake topper! 

Glitter Heart Stickers

These adorable Meri Meri stickers are a hit each season. Two versions available, one multi version in store. Seal your V-Day letter or sign it off with a glitter heart! 

XOXO Table Runner  

A paper table runner adds to the party perfectly! This XOXO runner is your classic Valentines day red with cream XO's on it. It runs about 120" and is 16" wide. So cute!!


The great thing about the Occasion bin is that it can be for really anything! They don't have to be limited to one holiday or even one occasion. It can be a happy bin for you or a party bin for your special holiday party! 

Check out our Valentine's Collection for more options of what to fill your occasion bin with or just for your basic party needs! 





And one more bin we created....

February 03, 2022 — Katelyn Glover

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