Make Your Own Snow

We don't see snow that often, living in a warmer climate like Alabama. This year we are excited to carry a snow kit from Inklings Paperie.

Available as a greeting card or an entire bag of goodness. 


Here are the directions to create your own "snow show".


How To Make Snow:

1.    Pour 1 tsp DRY SNOW into a measuring cup or bowl.
2.    Add ⅓ CUP OF WATER, and watch it grow! No mixing is required.
3.    To form a snowball, add a bit more water until snow begins to form clumps when squeezed. Once ball shape has formed, gently place in a bowl and freeze to retain shape.



TIP: To re-use, spread it out on a plastic surface to dry. Within 48 hours, water will evaporate and your snow will return to its original state so you can enjoy it again and again!


TIP: To discard, granules can be added to soil in flower pots to help maintain moisture, or discard with trash (do not pour down sink!)

Inklings uses non-toxic, USA-made polymer in the snow. They hand-blend it with glitter which makes for a magical addition. Snow can be used on all surfaces and will not stain, however for easier clean-up you may want to use it on a tablecloth or piece of fabric. Mist with water to refresh.

How To Make Snow Slime:

• 1/2 cup of white glue
• 1 pump of lotion
• 1 tsp of Borax dissolved in 1 cup of water
• 1 tsp snow

Slowly add activator to glue/lotion mix until slime comes together and is no longer sticky. Once slime is fully activated, add 1tsp of dry snow. Mix until fully incorporated, and add more activator as needed if slime still feels sticky.


The pictures below are from our own Snow Experience....

We divided the pack in half and added 2 cups cold water per bowl. Mixing with hands in sufficient if you can take the cold. 

it felt like real snow; the best day ever!


so cold this would be a fun in the spring or summer too


Our snow balls were rock solid, so they were able to be thrown multiple times. Rinsed off and spread out on plastic to dry out.

Shop the snow here

Hope you enjoy the snow! ~ Jennifer



November 29, 2021 — Jennifer Senn

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