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Here at Jenn & Co. we are always looking for new, fun ways to help you functionally decorate your home and office. Here are a few options to help.

Fresh Starts 

There is nothing better than starting fresh, and a new year is coming. We know everyone is hoping for a better 2021. And calendars and planners are big part of that.


Wall Art

Simple prints of wall art are a unique way to add some color and motivation to a room. Wall art can be that finishing element that helps pull a space together and make it feel complete. It is that little extra touch that can take your space from simply looking functional to looking like it belongs in a magazine. And speaking of art...



XL Wall Calendar 

We love finding things that are stylish but can help you get organized at the same time. This is something unique you can add to your office or living room walls as a functional piece of decor. Seeing the month at a glance is always helpful because you can know what day it is and think about your tasks when the weeks get stressful! And by the way, these are designed and printed in the US and the wood hanger is handmade too.


1canoe2 xl wall calendar 2021

Each year is a different theme and each month is a different hand drawn image reflecting the theme. It is like getting a brand new piece of wall art 12 times a year. Some months have a seasonal image too.


Once you get the full set, you just get the refill after that. 


The Dayspring Wood Strip Calendar

The Dayspring calendar is a collab with Studio 71 and is like a mini version of the other calendar, so it fits in sever all spaces and also gives the fresh artwork each month.

We hope you find new ways to functionally decorate your home and office, while also making it look great. There is no better feeling than adding a few new additions to your favorite space. Check out our Instagram @shop.jennandco or follow us on Facebook. And tag us with your displays.



Note: image sources SocialSquares and Jenn & Co.

September 22, 2020 — Madison Hollabaugh

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