While we have almost figured out this social distancing, we wanted to share some of Katelyn's favorite products that she has been using to keep productive and successful. The transfer from in class lectures to online hasn’t been easy, but these items surely have helped. So let's see what she says...


      1. Delfonics Pens 

As a pen lover, I of course have tons of different pens that I use. Out of them all, and there are many, these are definitely my favorites. I personally would choose a ballpoint pen any day and Delfonics are the perfect ballpoints. I have been using these for note taking and while working from home. 

      2. Ball Pit Undated Planner 

If you are a planner like me, these long unproductive days are starting to take a toll on you. I have been using this undated planner to not only plan out my days, but also to make myself feel a little more organized with work and my online school assignments. And we just have 1 left.

      3. Brilliant Brush Lettering Pens 

Since you are stuck in the house, why not pick up a new hobby or two? Brush lettering is one that I have been trying to accomplish and these Ooly Brilliant Brush Pens are my favorites. I find myself writing for hours and it is a great way to pass the time. 

       4. Night Cable Charger 

Everyone could use one of these 10 ft charging cords. It is a very reliable charger and has been a personal favorite of mine. It also includes an anchoring weight that stays on any flat surface. 

       5. Smart Hub Charger 

This one might be my favorite of all. Since the transfer to online classes; my laptop, tablet, and phone have become highly used for school. This device allows me to charge all three at the same time while doing it at high speed. It includes 4 USB ports and 2 AC outlets. 

       6. 52 Lists for Togetherness 

This little journaling activity has been another thing keeping me busy when I get bored. It is also a great way to relieve stress and is so much fun. This is my favorite activity to do when taking a break from school. 

       7. Sunset Spiral Notebook 

I have always been a huge fan of this notebook and have it in almost every style other than sunset. It is divided by colors and perfect for notes. Online classes can be tricky and stressful but this notebook is a great way to keep organized and caught up. 


Some of these items are even included in our Quarantine Comforts Collection which is 25% off thru April 2020. 



Thanks for stopping by. Let us know which of these you have tried.

XO - Katelyn, and the Jenn & Co Team 


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