Unicorn Jumbo Confetti Balloon


One 36" crystal clear balloon filled with Unicorn confetti.

Our Unicorn confetti is handcut and made by Wants and Wishes

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this confetti, :-)! In fact no unicorns are even in the confetti - just the colors that make you think of magical unicorns....Yellow, Violet, Apricot, Mint, Bubblegum, Gold & Metallic Silver

* Balloon can be inflated with helium or balloon pump.
* Please note when using helium confetti can pool at the base of the balloon. To get confetti to stick to sides of the balloon- rub hands around the perimeter. 
All balloons are final sale. We are not responsible for pinholes or popped balloons. Please dispose of balloons responsibly.