Patriotic Balloon Garland (DIY or Assembled)

Brand Paperboy

$32.00 $20.00

A new garland kit for us, crafted in the USA. Makes a 5 foot kit, approx 2 feet thick. Multiple garlands can be joined for desired length.

You'll get a mix of solid color and printed balloons, connecting strip, and instructions.

An air pump is recommended. Need balloon pump? Command hooks (not included) are the best way to attach the garland to a wall. 

We offer this garland as a DIY build-it-yourself option, or an assembled garland for locals.

An assembled garland typically lasts several days indoors. If you do use them outside for the 4th, you ideally don't want to leave it outdoors over three hours. See more on our Blog Post: Balloons and the Great Outdoors.