Bad Guy Blockers


A safety measure for your device’s camera. Say no to creepers.

  • Cute, lo-tech solution for a complex, hi-tech issue.

  • The slide is thin enough to be placed on laptops without impeding closure.

  • Designed for tablets & monitors but it's also small enough to be used on plus-sized iPhones (iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus) & other larger phones.

Instructions for use:

    • 1. Clean the camera area of your device & allow to dry.
    • 2. Remove the paper backing & press the security curtain onto your device, making sure the camera lens is clear.
    • 3. Keep the curtain closed to protect your privacy. Easily slide it open when needed.
    • Materials: Material: ABS Plastic + 3M Adhesive.